Bann Bann at Fulton County Stadium

Same Ole Clift shot at the remains of Fulton County Stadium

Last fall I was on a shoot in Atlanta for the band Cheat Codes for their new single Feels Great with Fetty Wap. There were a lot of extras there, one in particular was Same Ole Clift, a local dirtbike badass.  We got to know each other and made a future plan to do some work together. 

Fetty Wap and Cheat Codes from the Feels Great Video shoot in Atlanta

Fast forward to this week and we finally got together to try some stuff out.  This seemed like a good opportunity to try out the new Elinchrom ELB 1200 unit and it’s motion capturing qualities, so we met up at the remains of Fulton-County Stadium, which is now a giant parking lot.  We are going to do a more formal shoot, but this was Cliff and my first go.  More to come! - Tom

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